faith williams


"People do not come to your class because you know the Pilates repertoire. They follow you because they like the stories you tell, the connection they feel and the way you create change through movement."

- Nomad Pilates

Faith Williams is an instructor on our team and began with the studio in other roles in February 2018. She started as a part-time employee working in Kids Club and JFit Boutique. The longer she spent time around the instructors and clients, and eventually taking classes, she quickly found a love for the Pilates practice. Faith’s career outside of the studio led her to Egypt for a time, but as soon as she returned to Midland she also returned to the studio! Training to become an instructor thereafter was an easy decision as she looked forward to learning more, challenging her own body, and expanding her involvement at the studio. As an instructor, Faith enjoys building lasting relationships with clients while encouraging them to do and feel their best. A few fun things about Faith: If she were to choose one cuisine of food for the rest of her life it would be Asian!; her favorite exercises to incorporate in class are side leg series, anything with lunges, and putting a fun twist on any basic moves.; she is hyper mobile, which can make Pilates a welcoming challenge – forcing her to pull herself inward and think about how to adjust for her joints.; and the Christmas season is her favorite time of the year – she loves finding gifts for everyone in her family!