danielle runyan


"🥑 Guac is extra, but so am I 🥑"

- Danielle Runyan

Danielle is one of our instructors at J Pilates Studio. Before becoming an instructor, Danielle was a long-time, dedicated client of the Studio. As a client, she loved the atmosphere and the special bond with other clients and staff. When the Studio was looking to hire, Danielle jumped at the opportunity to share her love of working out with others through leading classes. In class, you will enjoy Danielle’s relatable and bubbly personality, her laughter and easy-going nature, and her gentle reaffirming encouragement. Her class formats always involve something new or a fresh spin on something familiar. She brings a special perspective and experience to her classes with her transition from client to instructor. A few fun facts about Danielle: 1. She loves teaching because every class is different … attitudes and needs of every day change so that always keeps her creating different flows for various days. Hearing of client progress or even soreness motivates her to be a better instructor!  2. She loves that Pilates creates such a strong core foundation that enhances her performance in other workouts or sports. 3. She loves glute work! Sore buns are strong buns.  4. Lunge or side lying series are some of Danielle’s favorites to teach because they are her favorite to do.  5. Did you know she launched a nonprofit last year amidst the pandemic? She loves corny jokes and stupid puns. She and her husband have moved 8 times in 12 years – half of those in Midland. And, she’s always contemplating how many nights are acceptable for taco nights!