Instructor Training

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What to Expect

This comprehensive training program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently teach a J Pilates Level 1 Pilates Reformer class. Our experienced instructors will cover fundamental principles, essential techniques, and effective teaching methodologies to ensure you are well-prepared to guide others on their Pilates journey.

Important Information

Important Information:

  • Cost: The investment for this training is $750, covering all instructional materials and resources. A payment schedule is available upon request with no interest. 
  • Job Placement: Upon successful completion of this program class times and teaching opportunities will be discussed. We are committed to nurturing talent within our community, and outstanding participants will be considered for positions as they become available.
  • Training Hours: Upon weekend training completion, trainees will be required to complete 40 training hours:
    • 15 observation hours, observing senior instructors
    • 15 practice hours, teaching with or in front of a senior instructor
    • 5 completed practice hours, done with a senior instructor
    • 5 practice hours, practicing on your own or with friends or family

Final Assessment Details:

  • Practical Evaluation: During the practical evaluation, the tester will provide the name of an exercise. You are expected to demonstrate the proper setup, showcase a beginner/intermediate execution of the exercise, and articulate common misalignments associated with it.
  • Written Exam: The exam will cover fundamental concepts outlined in the training manual and addressed in classes. Be prepared to showcase your understanding of the basics, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the knowledge imparted throughout the training.
  • Trial Class: As a crucial component of the assessment, each trainee will be required to lead a full 50-minute class under the watchful supervision of a senior instructor. This practical application assesses your ability to translate theoretical knowledge into effective teaching.

Upon successful completion of these assessments, you will be equipped with the foundational tools necessary to confidently perform and teach a Pilates class on a Pilates Reformer.

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