laura land


Laura has been with the J Pilates team since October of 2020. Laura started practicing Pilates in 2010 as a form of rehab following a major illness, and that continued practice brought her to J Pilates as a client in 2019 after moving from Houston. When invited to join the team, she jumped at the opportunity! The people – exceptional instructors and incredible clients – as well as seeing the benefits of Pilates for all are her favorite parts of the job. She enjoys being part of a team that creates a unique and positive atmosphere for everyone. Laura’s transition from client to front desk staff to instructor has been natural as she has been passionate and willing to learn the whole way. Her kindness and compassion shine through in her classes. She’s smiling and laughing while ensuring you’re moving safely and get a wholesome workout. A few fun things about Laura: She started riding horses at six and herding cattle at eight, which is about the same time she learned to drive a tractor; She loves teaching, as well as participating in, a full-body workout.; Whether it’s Broadway, opera, or pop music, Laura loves to sing out big and loud!; Laura currently shares her life with a vicious 9-pound, 3-leg Yorkie-Schnauzer mix named Roxy Balboa.